i'm olive.
They are masterful, brave, and competitive, they aspire toward an ideal. They like to give advice. They are honest, frank, loyal, open, and sincere.
They always seem to attract attention or get noticed. They like to be seen in winning situations. A competitive spirit, a leader.
Sharp intellect. They like literature and will adapt to all situations and social groups.
They are frank, honest, full of vigor and ambition. They are strong-willed and powerful at work. They are a little hard on themselves but perhaps more on others whose capacity for action is not as great or inherent.
They want to know the bottom line, and can be good at scoping out a situation and finding answers to problems. In fact, they are a problem-solver, and will spend a lot of time helping others solve problems if need be. Very friendly and usually positive, they can be charming in a warm way. Enthusiastic speaker, speak with authority and sincerity. Great sense of organization. Playful. Like to take risks in jest and for amusement. Might sometimes come across too strongly or offend sensitive folk with a somewhat authoritative tone.
Their home and comfort are the most important things to them. They are intelligent and speak easily and cogently. May easily keep many irons in the fire and follow through their activities.
They like debate and controversy, and, above all, to contradict.
They have a great sense of observation and quickly grasp and size up the situation. They are crafty, subtle, and perceptive.
They are very devoted, but may not always show emotions; they don't always let themselves go, either through fear of ridicule or through fear of not being loved in return as much as they love. They are therefore sometimes too undemonstrative. May give off the sense that their love is not for free. Caring but worries that they are not exciting enough. Careful with money.
They are devoted to those less fortunate. They like animals, tranquility, peace, and solitude.
They may go to excess and can often be unsatisfied. Should probably learn moderation.
They attract the most good fortune when they put their "all" into a project or undertaking, and use their magnetic powers to heal others. Enthusiastic for deeper studies and meanings, all that is taboo or mysterious, psychology. They value decisiveness, intensity, willpower, commitment, and strength. Very strong problem-solving nature, cutting to the chase.
They are jovial, expansive, dynamic, kindly, altruistic. They have good judgment, are tolerant and love food, good times, and pleasures. They have a good education and a prosperous life.
They can be wildly creative with an odd but happy sense of humor and perspective. They are an idealist, easily disappointed by those using power plays to advance.
They are discerning, wise, and sensible. They are perceptive and able to see layers to a situation. They are naturally drawn to learning what makes themselves and others tick.
~*~snippets of birth chart as written by cafe astrology