The Olive Post

welcome to my online personal newpaper. right now this is chronicalling my journey into the world of code ... which is a scary and fucked up place in my opinion. more on that below.

here's what i'm thinking:

it is now sept 7. i have finally set up my website to be hosted through my git repository and i am now transferring all my code over from neocities. i got real hung up trying to make all that work and my locomotion has been totally stalled wrt the coding thing. but whatever. i got to the java part and stopped. i'm just copying and pasting in my code i wrote before starting the course though and it's so silly lol but i'm going to keep it for now because i am too lazy to try too hard fixing it rn.
july 20. :) i got to the javascript segment and stopped because i realized all i want to do is create web pages for personal pleasure. i've revised my homepage and my resume and created another page just for fun. not really sure where i'm going from here!
june 17. long time since i updated oopsy. since last post i've gone thru the css segment and i'm working on revamping the homepage now that i've finished a couple curriculum projects & am finally at a place where i feel like i can just play around for a bit before getting into javascript. i want to build a portfolio of different page styles :) and hopefully get a cozy hybrid & salaried position lol. i'm proud of myself for having stuck thru it. i'm trying to allow myself the space of not rushing so that i dont burn out quick like i tend to do.
may 21. i've been taking the css segment slow. i accidentally got too ahead of myself in the exercises and i feel like i threw a wrench in things. though, the fact that i'm able to acknowledge how much more comfortable i've become with coding since starting this whole thing is awesome. it's only been about a month but it feels much longer. i haven't put my mind to something like this in a long time. just a few more segments and the css segment will be complete and i'm off to javascript and many projects that i'll be able to get added to my website here :)
may 14. i'm just starting the css segment. i'll finally be almost ready to establish rudimentary web design with relative ease. the machine is cold and unforgiving to misunderstanding. i'm slowly getting the hang of it though. i don't fully understand the whole class and id thing but i'm at least able to follow along steps. we'll see where i'm at when i have to make it all work out for me myself personally. i need to sleep rn lol
may 7. i have been fairly diligently studying the code and i am finding a newfound joie de vivre having something to look forward to committing attempts at but i also spent like way too long stewing over the simple issue of linking an image. and when i finally fixed the problem i realized i had no idea what the hell i did differently and this has always been the most frustrating part of coding for me. i literally have no idea where i was going wrong and how i approached the situation differently and for any other task this would not be an issue for me. sometimes i swear the computer just doesn't want to process the code. i've also been letting other outside situations get the best of my motivations but i did crash course my way through the beginnings of this curriculum and now that i'm facing my first project i let fear get the best of me and i backed off on going as hard at it. maybe my brain needed a little break to let the onslaught of new information and programs and command line prompts to settle in. it definitely is making more sense than it did at first but there's so much farther i'm yet to go. i have to make myself perservere. and you know the craziest part of it all? after typing this little blurb i think i realized where i went wrong with the problem that prompted this entry in the first place.
april 27. i've been studying the code.... this shit is about to be looking real good once i retain all of this new information >:) i am beginning to understand the meaning of computational language. but it's bringing up a whole lot of philosophical issues. before getting into it i was convinced AI was evil and now the more i learn the more i feel confirmed in that belief LOL. i question the people who made computers and their differences in intent. but i also have no idea about any of it so maybe i am hating on that which i do not understand. i might end up hating what i do understand tho. but whatever, so long as i can get a personal blog up and running idgaf ultimately
april 23, 2023. i bought a new macbook :) i finally have regular access to a functional computer once again. my goal is to keep working on my website code, reread homestuck, work on video editing, and do all the fun laptop activities that just weren't the same on my phone. i became so sick of always scrolling my phone because it was all i had access to. i'd rather be on a computer for 6 hours a day. at least this way i can feel like my time spent using a screen is at least somewhat productive. i'm looking forward to my life improving a little bit maybe. i've always wanted a mac lol which is so brand hoe of me but i dont care!!!!!!!!!!! this purchase has given me a rush of feel good feelings ^_^ yay. cheers to the future~